What’s an Emmi Ro, anyway? 

Emmi Ro is a creative strategy partner specializing in building your presence online and in real life. 



Addicted to style and allergic to the banal.



Ultimately, we help small businesses live large online. 

You crave a brand that looks and feels like a million bucks, but your company is still on the petite side. Through creative consultation, smart content strategy and sharp design, we’ll bring glossy big business style to your small biz world. 


Remember when you first started your business?

You had a to-do list a mile long – pick a name, open a bank account, get a URL, finish your business plan – oh yeah, and find time to provide the service that is your business. Somewhere in there, you also had to develop a brand, a voice and... a following?! That’s kind of a lot for one small business! 

Chances are good there were some missteps.

Remember the time you paid for expensive headshots and then decided you hate what you were wearing and the location is all wrong? Or the time you you realized the contact form on your website is sending messages into a black hole? Or maybe – just maybe – you’re still in the beginning stages and you’re frozen with the fear that you might make those mistakes before you’ve even started?


I've got the expertise,  skills and impeccable taste to help your business go from uncertain to polished and profitable.

You need:

  • An idea of who your brand is, and how to demonstrate those values and behaviors.
  • Help creating a social media presence and reaching the people that "get it"!
  • A partner to design (or clean up) your website so it's built with the user in mind.
  • Direction! You’d love to have someone you can trust to oversee your creative endeavors. 

Great news. I can do that for you!

In my time with megacompanies like Coca-Cola and Target and at a posh London fashion PR firm, I built a unique set of skills in design & branding. I spent my time crafting campaigns to bring prestige, presence, and creative excellence. 



Interested in getting that gloss for your biz?



Working with Emily is a wonderful experience in every way. Integrity is her brand! At our first meeting, sipping tea at a local cafe, Emily took the time to get to know me, my story and the passion behind my company. She is very focused and laid out branding plans that fit my company’s needs while understanding my sense of style and making insightful suggestions when I wasn’t sure myself...


- Susan Robinson, Founder of Foster Art Co

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